Stelios Papamichail

Software Engineer focused on building products with extra attention to detail.

Groningen, Netherlands



Experienced Android Engineer with a focus on Kotlin development, trusted in roles with growing responsibilities. Proven track record of meeting objectives and delivering top-tier mobile applications. Adept at optimizing tech stacks for seamless project execution and exceeding organizational expectations.

Work Experience

Groningen, NL

September 2023 - Present

Lead Android Engineer

My role involves strategic decision making and hands-on coding. Key Responsibilities: • Project Management: Orchestrating the end-to-end project lifecycle, ensuring seamless coordination between development phases, testing, and deployment. • Android Development: Leveraging my expertise in Android development to craft robust, scalable, and user-friendly mobile applications. • Kotlin Mastery: Harnessing the power of Kotlin to implement efficient and effective solutions, optimizing the mobile user experience. • Git Version Control: Implementing and maintaining version control using Git to streamline collaboration and track changes across the development team. • Integration with Third-Party Hardware: Collaborating with third-party hardware, such as Zebra scanners, to facilitate seamless communication with barcode scanners for product scanning and other functionalities. • Tech Stack Selection: Carefully curating the technology stack to align with the project's requirements, ensuring optimal performance and future scalability.


February 2022 - September 2023

Android Engineer

• Contributed to the development of Android applications for esteemed clients like Aegean Airlines, 24Media, and more. • Led the architecture implementation for D.E.I. and Eway apps, guiding them from conceptualization to production. • Spearheaded the transfer of our proprietary location services SDK to a different organization using Azure CI/CD, ensuring a seamless transition without information leakage. • Embraced clean-code best practices within an agile development framework, fostering collaboration in a high-performing team


March 2021 - September 2021

Android Engineer

• Analyzed product requirements, wrote documentation, and conducted research for native Android apps. • Worked on prominent apps including Aegean Airlines, Sport 24 media, Aegean Motorways, and DEI mobile app. • Utilized Azure DevOps pipelines for seamless development, maintenance, and release processes

Sonorus Consulting Ltd.

March 2020 - Octomber 2020

Lead AppSheet Developer

Led the development and maintenance of CRM, B2B, and WMS applications using AppSheet, Airtable, and Integromat. • Demonstrated proficiency in database design, SQL, REST API usage & development, and JavaScript. • Regularly communicated with clients to assess business needs, ensuring the alignment of technical solutions with organizational objectives.


University of Crete, Computer Science Department

2017 - 2024
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science


Azure DevOps

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